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  2. Atlanta studio NO Architecture has teamed pale woods and white accents with retro tiles and gingham print inside this all-day breakfast eatery in the city. Read more
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  4. Three-dimensional doodle-like lines form this series of furniture by Korean designer Jeong Greem, which aims to breathe life into mundane, everyday materials. Read more
  5. Brazilian firm Laurent Troost Architects has built a concrete house in the Amazon, featuring outdoor living areas and a swimming pool that are elevated above the dense tropical forest surrounds. Read more
  6. Architect Richard John Andrews has built The Light Shed, a fibreglass-clad multi-functional shed in his east London garden to house his architecture studio. Read more
  7. Embracing the circular economy and closed-loop design is the only way for brands to achieve business success while safeguarding the planet, according to a senior member of the innovation team at Adidas. Read more
  8. Spanish studio Beta Ø Architects has inserted a void and a permeable metal sculpture at the centre of this Madrid family home to let air and natural light flow through its interiors. Read more
  9. Traditional Danish seaweed thatching could be updated into a sustainable contemporary building material, according to research by Kathryn Larsen. Read more
  10. Robert Brunner started out in civil engineering but now heads San Francisco design studio Ammunition, creating products for brands including Apple, Adobe and Beats By Dre. He told Dezeen Jobs how he got there. Read more
  11. A zinc-clad concert hall by Steven Holl Architects and Architecture Acts will cantilever over the 1960s modernist House of Culture in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Read more
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  13. Caribbean funk and traditional Mexican architecture provided Californian studio ROY with the design cues for this cocktail lounge and eatery in San Francisco. Read more
  14. Researchers at Harvard University have devised a way to terraform Mars by placing sheets of silica aerogel on the planet's surface, which would warm it up to make it suitable for growing plants. Read more
  15. In this week's comments update, readers are debating Patrik Schumacher's suggestion that architecture teachers use students to advance their own agendas rather than teach skills for the real world. Read more
  16. Louis Vuitton has released a retro-style video game called Endless Runner, which was inspired by Virgil Abloh's Autumn Winter 2019 show for the brand. Read more
  17. A burnout culture of "sleep is for the weak" must be stopped in design education for the sake of students' mental health say #DezeenChat participants. Read more
  18. Architecture studio Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann has designed this wooden house in Chile around a central, square-shaped room with a dramatic vaulted ceiling. Read more
  19. In our latest competition, we've teamed up with Living Rooms to offer readers the chance to win an overnight stay for two at Weymouth Mews in Marylebone, London. Read more
  20. Multimedia artist Alex Israel has installed a Bat Signal at the MAMO Arts Centre on the roof of Le Corbusier's brutalist Cité Radieuse apartment block in Marseille, France. Read more
  21. Consumer goods company Unilever has launched Cif ecorefill, a concentrated cleaning product that can be diluted at home within a refillable spray bottle, to reduce plastic use. Read more
  22. Two gently undulating greenhouses will form the Aldin Biodomes complex, which WilkinsonEyre has designed for Elliðaárdalur valley in Iceland. Read more
  23. A bench designed by architecture firm Snøhetta for the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo is shaped like a partial circle to encourage people to sit closer together and start conversations. Read more
  24. Female faces peer out from a pink-hued wall mural that features inside this bar, which Bryan O'Sullivan Studio has created in west London hotel The Berkeley. Read more
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  26. Plans for The Tulip, a 305.3-metre-high viewing tower designed by Foster + Partners, have been rejected by London's mayor Sadiq Khan. Read more
  27. c crates, pallet racks and boxes form display cases in this exhibition at R & Company gallery in New York City, which was created by local interior design firm Pembrooke & Ives. Read more
  28. Twitter has launched its first major website redesign in seven years – a subtly streamlined experience that is more in line with the company's app. Read more
  29. Italian furniture brand Arper has appointed Armin Broger as CEO, following his departure from rival brand B&B Italia in April, after just a year in the job. Read more
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