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The Architecture Gallery


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How enriching would it be for us architects if there were a place where everyone could upload their own photographs of the most interesting architecture from his town or country, or perhaps upload his/her own university projects he was so proud of at the time of their design while today they don't mean more than just a memory? The Gallery of World's Architecture is intended to be such a place.

It enables all registered members to upload their own photographs, renderings and presentations. Once uploaded, they can be further rated and commented on by others as well as shared with the most popular social networks.

At present the Gallery consists of four Global Albums and these are, at the same time, the best place to start when browsing / uploading into the Gallery. Please note a few remarks pertaining to each:

World Architecture

  • The album is intended for the uploading of the most interesting or most representative buildings from your locality. When uploading, please always think of other members who will be browsing them. Think of how interesting the photos / projects will be for them and select the photographs carefully
  • When uploading please make sure you are the owner of the photograph.
  • Make sure the photograph is technically correct and when creating an album for a specific building, if possible, please make sure you upload photographs introducing the best various aspects of the building. You can share a photograph showing the wider relation followed by a global photo ending with a photograph of a detail, texture etc. Try to avoid photographs providing the same message.
  • When filling the upload form please make sure all fields such as 'title', 'description', 'tags', 'copyright' are filled, they are important for others to understand and learn more about the building.
  • If your photographs include a GPS stamp in their EXIF header, the location from which the photographs have been taken will appear next to the photograph on a map.

Students' Projects

  • Whether an architecture student or an ex-student, this place may be a great place for the presentation of your work. Please feel free to upload your own works; the whole presentations including panel boards, photographs of models, renderings. Please make sure that you create a separate album for each of your projects in an adequate category (e.g. Urban Design, Interior Design etc.)
  • Please make sure you are uploading the most interesting of your works. They should be well presented and interesting or innovative in some way to others.
  • Feel free to comment on the projects of others, initiate discussion, express your opinions, share your ideas because your unique points of view are always precious and enriching
  • When filling the upload form, please make sure all fields such as 'title', 'description', 'tags', 'copyright' are filled as they are important for others to understand and learn more about your project.


  • This is an album for the photographs of major architectural events worldwide such as major architectural exhibitions, lectures by the key architects etc.
  • When filling the upload form please make sure all fields such as 'title', 'description', 'tags', 'copyright' are filled because they are important for others to understand and learn more about the event..

Architectural Photography

  • Unlike the album World Architecture (which is intended for the documentary photography of architecture) this album represents the discipline of abstract architectural photography, It isn't important which project has been depicted. It can be very abstract and is intended to evoke feelings and emotions.
  • While the album World Architecture is mostly the domain of architects, this album will probably be of more interest to professional photographers.
  • Again, please upload only the best of your work, the snaps you are proud of which will enrich our site and will represent your work in the best way.
  • As with all the above albums, please don't forget to provide the complete annotation of your photographs

After finishing your Upload our editors will review your photographs and approve those deemed suitable to be saved into the Gallery and presented to others. This process may take several days.

The Architectural Gallery is the key visual element of Ideon.cz and we are really excited at the prospect of seeing it grow. We hope you find it useful and thank you for sharing your unique experiences with us.

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