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  1. Martin

    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The museum was established on 8 November 2017. It is part of a thirty-year agreement between the city of Abu Dhabi and the French government. The museum is located on the Saadiyat Island Cultural District.
  2. Martin

    Al-Khalifiyah Library

    The Al- Khalefeyah Library project is situated in the old city centre of Muharraq and is the reconstruction of the original Khalefeyah Library, which was one of the first public libraries to be built in Bahrain. The library will be rebuilt on its original location and is designed by the Dutch firm SeARCH bv in collaboration with the Bahrain- based architects PAD. Since, the original footprint of the library is currently half-occupied by a road extension, the building has been designed on half the existing footprint and stretches vertically over the three levels that cantilever to recall the original footprint of the building. The building will accommodate a reading area, a research center, an inet lab as well as offices and will be open to the public, and provide a public and cultural program targeted at the youth in the heart of Muharraq. (http://culture.gov.bh/en/authority/projects/Al-KhalefeyahLibrary/)
  3. Anish Kapoor, My Red Homeland, 2003. Wax, oil-based paint, motor, and steel. Diameter: 12 m, height variable. Edition 1/1, 1 A.P. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. © Anish Kapoor
  4. Martin

    Wahat Al Karama

    Wahat Al Karama, a 46,000 square meter site located directly opposite from the world-famous Shekih Zayed Grand Mosque in the capital, is a home to a permanent memorial to the United Arab Emirates' heroes - soldiers, police, diplomats and civilians - who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country since the time of its founding in 1971. Behind the design of the Memorial is British artist Idris Khan. Born in the UK, Idris has already received international acclaim for his minimal yet emotionally charged photographs, videos and sculptures.
  5. The Masdar Institute campus has clean technology at its core. It has been built to consume 75 percent less in cooling demand than a conventional building of its size, as well as 70 percent less in potable water, 95 percent less in domestic hot water energy and 70 percent less in electricity. The campus offers students a unique opportunity to experience what cutting-edge technology can do for the environment. In the layout of the campus, the creation of shade routes encourages pedestrian activity at street level while promoting airflow. Inside the buildings, long corridors are supported by thick columns with high thermal mass materials applied to all structure surfaces have been incorporated into the design in all buildings within the Institute. Where possible, consideration has been given to sustainable factors such as recyclability, low embodied energy properties, low emission materials and finishes, within the building’s specification In choosing the sustainable materials used in the Masdar Institute buildings, special preference was given to local products.The building’s façades have been developed to passively reduce heat transfer while also being highly sealed to keep air conditioned cooling inside. Materials, with a low thermal mass act as a fast responsive system, cooling down quickly at night to avoid transferring heat to the surrounding space.
  6. Martin

    Plzeň - Public Space 16

    Výstava uspořádaná v rámci Landscape festivalu Plzeň 2017 v DEPO2015 přednáška kurátora Davida Brava: 21. 6. v DEPO2015 v 19:30 další ročník jedné z nejprestižnějších cen za architekturu a landscape v městském prostředí,cenu organizuje Centrum pro současnou kulturu v Barceloně a Landscape festival uvádí již třetí ročník bienální cenyEvropská cena za městský veřejný prostor každé dva roky oceňuje, propaguje a podporuje vznik, oživení nebo vylepšování sdílených prostor a pochopení jejich stavu jako jasného ukazatele demokratického zdraví našich měst. Organizuje ji Centrum pro současnou kulturu v Barceloně (CCCB) ve spolupráci s The Architecture Foundation (Londýn), Centrem architektury ve Vídni, Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine (Paříž), Muzeem finské architektury (Helsinky), Německým muzeem architektury (Frankfurt) a Muzeem architektury a designu (Lublaň). Výstava představuje pětadvacet nejlepších projektů, jež byly vybrány z 274 projektů, předložených do devátého ročníku této soutěže z 31 evropských zemí, nabízejících podnětné reflexe na téma budoucnosti evropských měst. http://www.publicspace.org/en/prize
  7. In this post I would like to share with you the process of creation of the Bahrain World Trade Centre I have taken with my Sigma DP1x camera in autumn 2011. I am in no means a professional photographer and the below recipe is just to introduce some methods which I have come across and which you may find useful, I will be very much looking forward to your comments and ideas! The iconic Bahrain World Trade Centre twin towers are located on the northern bank of Manama overlooking the Persian Gulf sea as the main dominant of the Manama skyline. In one ow my walks I have taken this photograph with my compact Sigma DP1x digital camera. I had no tripod at the time and was rather experimenting with finding different interesting views for photographing the skyline. The photograph was taken at around 5:30pm before the sun set which is the only time when the sun can reflect on the facade of the towers to further render interesting texture of the sea waves. For its unique chip structure (no Bayer mask) the camera has I use it every time i need to achieve the sharpest possible image and line rendition. Tho photograph was shot in RAW format which enables later loss-less fine tuning of the exposition values, color balance and other attribute of the photograph. 1. Processing in SIGMA Photo Pro 5 The SIGMA Photo Pro 5 is the native post processing application provided by SIGMA for fine tuning the RAW and JPEG files captured by SIGMA cameras. When opened in the application the photograph looked like shown on the left image. While it appeared to have the correct exposure, my intention for the further use was to have it a bit lighter, and so here we have the second photograph for which I have increased the exposure value by +0.9 EV. While I had found the composition and the texture of the photograph quite interesting I wanted to reduce the colour information as it wasn't in my opinion contributing to the overall atmosphere. I had the feeling the colour information is forcing us to stay in this reality preventing us to start dreaming about the sea and the sky and the mankind's desires to reach it. Be converting the photograph to a monochrome scale I was expecting it to start talking to us solely by the means of the its composition and the game of lights and shadows and its texture. While the middle photograph indicates the result after converting the color scale to a monochrome scale, I have also created 2 additional black-and-white versions of which one was underexposed by 1 EV (on the left) and one was overexposed by 1 EV (on the right). This was necessary for further processing in the HDR software I was intended to use in the next step. Just a reminder - unlike with JPEGs the change of the exposition values in RAW format enables us to control the exposition without losing the pixel information. Further, working with RAW format enables us to create the EV bracketing from a single file, benefit of which is no need of use of a tripod at the time of taking a photograph. Another benefit is the elimination of loss of sharpness when aligning the resulting photographs for HDR processing. 3. Rendering in Photomatix Pro 4.0 Photomatix is an HDR application which enables additional postprocessing of photographs. It controls not only many important parameters of the photographs, it also provides a control over composing HDR photographs as well as additional rendering of their details. For the purpose of this photographs I wished to render some interesting texture to the sea surface and use the HDR function to brighten the high contrast photograph and to give it some additional surreal character. I have imported the above 3 BW photographs into the application in a batch, asking the software to combine them using the Tone Mapping method, specifically the BW Enhancer preset. I have further adjusted the White Point, Black Point and Gamma to achieve the brightness and contrast matching my taste. When satisfied I let the software render the whole result in high resolution TIFF which looked like this (resized). 4. ACDSee to add the GPS information While I was almost satisfied with the result I needed to add the GPS information into its TIFF's EXIF header so that it could be used later by various online applications, such as our Ideon Gallery which are capable of displaying the location the photo was taken from on a map. To achieve this I opened the file in the ACDSee Pro 5 application which enables addition of the GPS information with extreme ease by simple dragging and dropping the files to a map. I prefer using this post processing method to enabling the in-built camera GPS function as it prevents significant draining of the camera's batteries. 5. Photoshop CS6 for layers The last thing I needed to add to the photograph was the Caption and the Copyright layers, which would not only provide a title to the photograph but, once circulated, it would also enable users to be navigated back to its source of origin at Ideon.cz. In Photoshop I added several layers with the text and the logo and I positioned them symmetrically at the bottom of the page so as to support the existing composition. In Photoshop (although this was done at the very beginning of the process). I have also rectified the geometry of the photograph so that the verticals were really vertical, the photograph was also cropped with precision so that the WTC towers were aligned with the absolute vertical axis of the format. Before flattening the layers I have also added fine sharpening touch to the photograph. 6. The resulting photo
  8. Martin


  9. Martin

    Al Bidya Mosque

    The Al Badiyah Mosque is the oldest extant mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in a small village in emirate Fujairah about 50 km north from region center. It is also known as Ottoman Mosque.
  10. Martin

    Dubai: The Big 5

    The Big 5 returns this month! Over 2,800 exhibitors worldwide will bring the latest and best construction solutions at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With a brand new hall - The Big 5 Focus, 75 free CPD certified workshops on offer, the design summit, Gaia Awards and live product demonstrations, there is enough information for professionals from any discipline of the construction industry. 80,000+ construction professionals participated last year, don't miss out! Free registration closes 22 November midnight - register now for FREE entry. Source: https://www.thebig5.ae
  11. "Dear all It is my pleasure to invite you to our annual Beetle Drive please see the attachment for further details. The Beetle drive is basically a fantastic networking event for the construction industry which incorporates a treasure hunt from bar to bar in the JBR area which ends with an after party, complete with a DJ. Last years event was a great success and we expect the number of attendees to be 100+. Please feel free to add colleagues who are not copied into this email. I shall look forward to seeing you all at the event." Best Regards David Hewitt Regional Manager ME Intra lighting d.o.o. Office 5WB 241 Building 5WB Dubai Airport Freezone PO Box 371551 Beetle Invite.pdf
  12. Martin


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