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  1. Martin

    Bahrain WTC

    In this post I would like to share with you the process of creation of the Bahrain World Trade Centre I have taken with my Sigma DP1x camera in autumn 2011. I am in no means a professional photographer and the below recipe is just to introduce some methods which I have come across and which you may find useful, I will be very much looking forward to your comments and ideas! The iconic Bahrain World Trade Centre twin towers are located on the northern bank of Manama overlooking the Persian Gulf sea as the main dominant of the Manama skyline. In one ow my walks I have taken this
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  2. Martin

    The Groups

    One of the attributes of the discipline of architecture which makes it so difficult to master, yet so challenging to explore,is its complexity. It spans millennia and incorporates almost every discipline of human activity. Further differentiations may be based one the regional conditions or by the development of the latest technologies. It can be looked at from the perspective of a student of architecture, a professional architect, of a user, you name it. On Ideon, we have tried to build a tool which would enable us to touch every detail of this vast landscape. It is called the Groups and i
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  3. The Architectural Events Calendar is a powerful tool designed to manage the collection and distribution of architectural events worldwide amongst all registered members. It is precise in terms on focusing on particular world communities as well as advanced in terms of the notification of new events. In the following lines I will introduce to you its basic functions as well as some advanced tips and tricks. The main page of the Calendar is fairly simple, yet it already offers some interesting functions: Browsing the various months' events as well as calendars dedicated to particular countrie
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  4. Martin

    The Map of Architects

    The Map of architects and architecture enthusiasts is an additional tool of how to filter contacts best suited to your interests, meet new professionals and/or friends from your own country or countries of your interest. Maybe there are architects in your city you don't know about - why not to say them hi and socialize? The adding of locations to the map is available to all registered members. While logged in you will be able to see the 'Add your Location' button at the top right corner of the map. The address may be generic (e.g. Prague) or exact (Soukenicka 21, Prague). After saving
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  5. Martin

    The Architecture Gallery

    How enriching would it be for us architects if there were a place where everyone could upload their own photographs of the most interesting architecture from his town or country, or perhaps upload his/her own university projects he was so proud of at the time of their design while today they don't mean more than just a memory? The Gallery of World's Architecture is intended to be such a place. It enables all registered members to upload their own photographs, renderings and presentations. Once uploaded, they can be further rated and commented on by others as well as shared with the most pop
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  6. Martin


    Welcome to the online international community of architects, architecture enthusiasts and fans. At the time of its founding by a Czech architecture student, Martin Sviták, in 2001, the mission of Ideon.cz was to provide a missing platform for architects and architecture students worldwide to share and benefit from the sharing their unique architectural experiences - a platform without editors where all users were equal and where everyone could equally benefit from participating on the project. Growing from this definition, Ideon has now become a true live environment, changing and
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  7. £80000:BespokeA Globally established practice with offices in the UK, Middle East and Europe are seeking a director level candidate to run their Prague office.Prague View the full article
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  8. HK$ 484,980– 984,180:Uni of Hong KongFounded in 1911, The University of Hong Kong is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in teaching and research, and has been at the international forefront of academic scholarship for many years. Ranked 21st among the top 200 univHong Kong View the full article
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