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  1. The study of natural systems offers architects and designers significant potential as a platform for alternative, ecologically-performative design strategies. The d3 Natural Systems competition invites architects, designers, engineers, and students to collectively explore the potential of analyzing, documenting, and deploying nature-based influences in architecture, urbanism, interiors, and designed objects. Established in 2009, the annual d3 Natural Systems competition is an established voice in alternative architecture and one of the most notable awards in speculative, performance-based design. It recognizes exemplary ideas that redefine design as an ecological project through the implementation of advanced technologies, materials, and social interventions that engage adaptability, globalization, and emergence. P ublished in London-based Wiley-Blackwell AD journal’s theme issue “The New Pastoralism: Landscape into Architecture” as a leading example of environmental innovation, the annual d3 Natural Systems competition is a critical voice in ecological architecture and design. The 2016 competition calls for innovative proposals that advance sustainable thought and performance through the study of intrinsic environmental geometries, behaviors, and flows. By identifying, examining, and applying their structural order on form and function--bottom-up, performance-based solutions for limitless building typologies, functional programs, material conditions, and products may be realized. Emergence suggests that design expression requires purpose beyond formal assumption and aesthetic experimentation itself. Concurrent with sustainable thought, the d3 Natural Systems competition assumes that architecture and design not simply form, but rather perform various functions beyond those conventionally associated with buildings, spaces, and objects. Submissions must be environmentally responsible while advancing inventive conceptual solutions. Although proposals should be technologically feasible, they may suggest fantastical visions of a sustainable global future. The d3 Natural Systems competition allows designers freedom to approach their creative process in a scale-appropriate manner--from large-scale master planning endeavors and individual building concepts, to notions of interior detail and product design. Although there are no restrictions on site, scale, program, or building typology, proposals should carefully address their selected context. As an interdisciplinary endeavor, the d3 Natural Systems competition welcomes work of all scales from design disciplines including, but not limited to, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental design, interior architecture, interior design, industrial design, interaction design, furniture design, and fashion design. Register by: 08-01-2016 / Submit by: 08-16-2016 View the full article
  2. After the successful past Editions La Città Nuda The Naked City presents, in collaboration with Moso International e TAG Talent Garden Torino, the new international contest focalised on the "architecture in a box". This edition, organized by the Architects Giulia Desogus, Valerio Fogliati and Ambra Seghesio, will be concluded with a ehibition in Turin, in the neighbourhood Porta Palazzo. THE COMPETITION: The competition requires the participants to create a small dynamic and multifunctional space to be set up in a 50 mq (530 square feet). The architectural ideas presented and their construction process will have to be innovative, linked to the concepts of speed of construction, temporariness, low cost of execution, manageability and functionality. The concept behind the competition is “architecture in a box”, the redesign of a space in a neutral existing container. It’s like an empty box: the project needs to be set up within this spacial constraint but without forgetting how its relationships with the urban context around can influence its internal dynamics. A white box, placed, drawn on a piece of paper. THE SITE Porta Palazzo is an historical neighbourhood of Turin, it has always been the market area with noumerous small craft - commercial - services businesses, once the heart of the neighbourhood, do no longer run and they left only empty spaces. The goal of this competition is to provide a pilot project which would give some indications to transform this vacant spaces in something new and riqualified active on the real estate market. CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT https://lacittanuda.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/concorso-citta-nuda_2016__eng.pdf Register by: 05-31-2016 / Submit by: 05-31-2016 View the full article
  3. Title Eira Lounge Pavilion - 10 years of BONS SONS Sinopse In 2016, the BONS SONS celebrates its 10th anniversary. They are 10 years history of Portuguese music, which include the 192 bands that have gone through your poster. The BONS SONS, over the last 6 editions, has been to position itself as a national reference at various levels: cultural, local development, community life and the environmental, economic, social and territorial sustainability. This has been an ongoing process of construction where the BONS SONS stands as a true agent of change. The sound projects presented on the Stage Eira make use of an energy and vitality of youth characteristics, associating also symbolically fertility and germination of the old threshing floors, reflected in the musical creativity that feature. 10 years of Portuguese music, that we celebrate with this edition of BONS SONS, living both freshness and innovation brought by bands like the community life, that promotes, extols and perpetuates. Objective Construction of an ephemeral installation – “ Eira Lounge Pavilion “ Register by: 05-15-2016 / Submit by: 05-15-2016 View the full article
  4. What is Distribute hack ? Time Inc, NBBJ, and PowerToFly have partnered to host a global hackathon in Seattle, New York, and London. Teams will compete to invent the future of the distributed workplace; building products to encourage collaboration, connection, and culture flow. Prizes will include in-kind tech donation and an installation of the winning work. Three Challenges: 1. Create virtual water-cooler technology that allows distributed teams to connect in meaningful ways. 2. Design experiences that allow culture to flow across locations by creating globally accessible collaborative environments. 3. Provide a personal connection to remote workers by giving them a sense of place and purpose. Register by: 04-09-2016 / Submit by: 04-17-2016 View the full article
  5. Port Royal and the Eastern Town sit within the Devon seaside town of Sidmouth with a population of 12,569. The competition site encompasses an area that has been much contested locally, with several local community groups having been involved with, or producing schemes for, alternative visions for this part of the town. The proposed site includes a variety of stakeholders, and land in multiple ownership, including but not limited to Devon County Council, East Devon District Council, South West Water, and individual local landowners. The future of this strategic local asset is unclear, and during the last decade the site has become somewhat maligned. This competition aims to inculcate new thinking for this part of the south-west, not just architecturally, but also economically, socially, and environmentally. The site encompasses an area facing several strategic challenges; economic austerity, an aging population, nuclearisation resulting from the pull of urban centres, rising tides, and coastal erosion. Once rival only to sister town Brighton, Sidmouth was an exclusive Regency resort typified by impressive views, landscapes, and Georgian architecture, could Sidmouth use the redevelopment of its Eastern Town to redefine itself? This open architectural competition seeks entries from Architects, Designers, Students of related disciplines, and other associated professionals to develop proposals for an area of 8 square kilometres to the east of the town. The proposals could cover the entire area, or form a series of interventions within the site boundary. A jury will produce a short-list of 5 entries, which will then be exhibited and put to a popular vote. Register by: 06-24-2016 / Submit by: 06-24-2016 View the full article
  6. The Inverted Corner /// A corner defines the convergence of non-parallel forms. Within every corner there are two distinct and often opposing conditions. A corner's interior tends to unify space, while a corner's exterior can divide space along its edge. What if the inside and outside of a corner suddenly switched roles, trading characteristics and functions? What stimuli might trigger a corner to dynamically invert on itself? How is the spatial relationship around a corner affected by this inversion? What mechanism might enable an interior corner to flip to the exterior and vice versa? How does this concept apply to different types of junctures? That happens when a corner inverts? Participants are asked to consider different corners types, including walls, ceilings, roofs, landscape, etc. Submissions may be conceptual, technical, and/or artistic. Submission Details /// Entries may be conceptual, technical, and/or artistic. All graphics and text must be contained within a 4 inch diameter circle with white beyond. A submission is a single 300dpi JPG. Templates are on the website. Send submissions to PINcompetition@gmail.com and include your name, city, state, and country in the e-mail. International entries are welcome. Register by: 03-31-2016 / Submit by: 03-31-2016 View the full article
  7. Concept: The light emphasizes: objects, environments, interior design. It is an exhibition dedicated to the planning of natural and artificial light for the environments and interiors. A special section is dedicated to the light systems and to scenography. Register by: 05-27-2016 / Submit by: 05-27-2016 View the full article
  8. ARCHITECT magazine is now accepting entries for its 10th Annual R+D Awards! We would be grateful if you could share our competition details with your students and faculty. And, for the very first time, full-time students and academic faculty are eligible for a reduced registration fee! Are you revolutionizing the process and product of architecture? ARCHITECT magazine wants to celebrate the groundbreaking research, materials, and technologies that are advancing the building industry at every scale—from design strategies and building systems to products, software, and fabrication methods. Entries will be judged for their documented innovation in fabrication, installation, user engagement, and performance as well as their potential to advance the aesthetic, environmental, and social value of architecture. Categories Awards will be given in three categories, reflecting different stages in the research and development process. • Prototype, for entries that are in the experimental and testing phase. • Production, for entries that are currently available for use. • Application, for entries that are being used in a novel manner on a project. Register by: 04-20-2016 / Submit by: 04-20-2016 View the full article
  9. Seoul Metropolitan Government holds an international competition in order to establish a Music-led cultural complex until 2018, in which domestic and oversea specialists from various fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc. can participate. Seoul Metropolitan Government established a program for present including necessary facilities and the scale considering citizen participation and publicity for the realization of proposed operation program. Additional program would be prepared for the future. It is expected that creative and various design would be proposed through this competition. Project Outline Eligibility : All professionals in architecture, landscape, and urban design can enter in this competition. In the case of joint application, a team can have up to five(5) members at maximum. Register by: 05-06-2016 / Submit by: 05-27-2016 View the full article
  10. 2016 AIA UK CHAPTER EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN AWARDS PROGRAMME For over 20 years, The American Institute of Architects UK Chapter Excellence in Design Awards programme has proven highly valued by architects as they confer trans-Atlantic recognition for design excellence. Professional entries are sought from architects, industrial designers, urban planners, landscape architects and interior designers based in Britain, and from around the world for completed projects in the UK. The awards programme recognises and honours excellence in design in three categories: - Professional - Young Architect - Student The winners will be announced at the Awards Gala on Monday 18th April held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Register by: 03-24-2016 / Submit by: 03-24-2016 View the full article
  11. Shakespeare was a poet, playwright and English actor, recognized as the greatest writer for theater in the world. He was born and died on the same day, April 23, and had an incomplete school education, having been taken out of school at a young age, due to weak economic conditions of their parents. He arrived in London poor and friendless, until be greeted by a theater company that took him. He took care of the horses of the spectators, helped the stage and acted. By the end of the XX century they were produced over 400 films based on the works of Shakespeare, and the satellites of the planet Uranus were baptized with names of characters of his plays: Miranda, Cordelia, Ophelia, Desdemona, Titania and Rosalinda. Shakespeare would become personage of its own life, acting on a stage of the world size, speaking a thousand languages and immortalizing respect for art that charged. In Epitaph, was left written and confessed: "Good friend, for Jesus, abstains you to desecrate the body buried here. Blessed be the man that respects these stones, and cursed what to remove my bones. " Register by: 04-09-2016 / Submit by: 04-10-2016 View the full article
  12. This is a call for works of art or design that (i) might fairly be called ‘objects’ by the nascent philosophies of Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Ontology, and that (ii) will throw light on architecture as a peculiar set of objects, phenomena, ideas, relations, connections, skills, materials, obligations, and operations. A selection of twenty of these Objects—all physical and all, whether singular or configurations of smaller objects, falling within the four Parameters set out below—will be exhibited for two weeks around a three-day symposium to be staged by the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD) at The University of Texas at Austin in October 2016 called “The Secret Life of Buildings." OBJECTS ... Parameter 1 ...that need nothing else and no one else; that are oblivious to where they are or what is made of them or how they were made, or what is done with (or to) them…OR that depend for their sense, and perhaps very existence, on exactly where they are, the company they keep, what is said about them, how they were made, and what is done with (or to) them; Parameter 2 ...that have secrets, capacities, tendencies, or desires; that are “tips of icebergs;” that “listen to different drummers;” that receive or send feeds to other places, people, objects, dimensions…AND/OR that have evident, unique, and remarkable qualities all their own…OR that have no qualities at all and ask who you are; Parameter 3 ...that point to or exemplify peculiarly architectural components, elements, phenomena, and processes without themselves being fragments or models (i.e. abstract miniatures) of them; Parameter 4 ...that weigh less than thirty pounds and occupy less than fifteen cubic feet shipped, AND can be drilled into and/or be mounted (specify indoors or outdoors) by clamps that are themselves clamped to a steel pole (specify orientation). The support for each Object will be custom provided by the organizers.* SELECTION PROCESS AND SUBMISSION DEADLINES: The selection process will take place in two Stages. Stage One asks for a maximum of ten PDF images of models and/or drawings of the proposed Object, a one-page written description of it, and a brief resume of the designer/artist(s), submitted digitally by midnight May 2, 2016 to caad@austin.utexas.edu with ‘Object Entry’ in the subject line. Approximately forty of these will be selected to move on to Stage Two. (Entrants will be notified by May 15) On June 1, 2016, twenty will be asked to realize their Objects and have them delivered to Austin (address below) by September 30, 2016. Stage One Jurors: Prof. Michael Benedikt, Assist. Prof. Kory Bieg, Assist. Prof. Clay Odom. Stage Two Jurors: Dr. Graham Harman, Dr. Albena Yaneva, Dr. Jorge Otero-Pailos, Dr. Ian Bogost, Dr. Levi Bryant, Dr. Timothy Morton, Prof. Michael Benedikt, Assist. Prof. Kory Bieg. FEES and SUBSIDIES Artist/designers submitting a Proposal to Stage One must accompany their submission with a non-refundable Fee of $50 USD here. Artist/designers selected for Exhibition will each receive a subsidy of up to $250 to help cover shipping costs, minus half the cost of shipping the Objects back to the artists, if they so request and if their shipping materials are re-usable. *Objects may be minimally modified by the organizers for the purposes of mounting, and by possible wear and tear. PUBLICATION An edited selection of the photographs, drawings, and descriptions of the proposals and Objects submitted for exhibition will appear fully attributed in CENTER 21: The Secret Life of Buildings scheduled to be published in the Fall of 2017. Submission of material to this competition grants permission to CAAD to publish it in print and online at any time. ELIGIBILITY All artists, sculptors, designers, architects, and philosophers over 18 years of age are invited to enter, professional and student, U.S. and international. Entries may be from individuals or teams. Register by: 05-02-2016 / Submit by: 05-02-2016 View the full article
  13. INTRODUCTION Located at 1850 m of altitude, Les Menuires is a great place for athletes as well as for families. Even though the majority of the activities are related to ski, they also have other types of activities. In the heart of Olympic Saboya, is located the ski resort Les Menuires that belongs to the zone known as the 3 valleys, the biggest ski resort in the world. Fully communicated by slopes and lifts it is accessible with a single pass: 200 lifts, 600 km of tracks, and multiple links between Les Menuires, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Val Thorens, La Tania and Courchavel. Les Menuires was a planned ‘ ex novo ‘ territory through an architectural competition held by a group of architects and has been working as a first class ski resort for 50 years. However, throughout the years society´s concerns and the way of living have changed drastically and have led authorities to rethink a change. Exactly 50 year later, Les Menuires faces the intervention of their buildings so they can continue developing. Current standards of comfort make it imperative to rehabilitate the existing structures. How should Les Menuires be in the next 50 years? PROPOSAL As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the French destination Les Menuires, ARCHtopics together with the city hall of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, organized an ideas competition open to all faculties and School of Architecture of the world, for the creation of a collective use space in the center area. The central zone of Les Menuires is occupied by a building of more than 300 meters long called ¨la Croisette¨. This great building is the main commercial hub of the valley and contains practically all of the uses and services of the station. Built in 1966, la Croisette present multiple deficiencies in the commercial area, for this reason it needs an intervention and a comprehensive rehabilitation. The architecture competition proposes two ways for the commercial hub that rediscovers the splendor of Les Menuires in the XXI century. A: Rehabilitation of la Croisette B: New development (Complimentary to the existent) Register by: 05-15-2016 / Submit by: 05-30-2016 View the full article
  14. Electrolux and Desall.com invite you to take part in a new double-phase contest to invent and design an innovative ALL-IN-ONE laundry appliance for optimising the time and space usually needed for laundry, while offering a highly customised solution for all processes involved. For more info: http://bit.ly/ElectroluxDesignContest Timeline Submission phase: 29th February - 31st May 2016 Community vote: 31st May - 07th June 2016 Client vote: from 07th June 2016 Total awards €6000 Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old). Register by: 05-31-2016 / Submit by: 05-31-2016 View the full article
  15. McMaster University seeks ideas to transform a tropical greenhouse into an inviting campus feature, potentially linked to a gathering space such as an atrium or coffeehouse. McMaster University has a 100 sq m tropical greenhouse with a distinctive collection that draws many visitors. The greenhouse is 50 years old, and is to be moved to a more central location beside the Life Sciences Building (LSB). This move provides an opportunity to build a more iconic and inviting structure to enhance community engagement and enhance the campus environment. To build support for this venture, we are seeking designs that capture the potential of the site and enhance the profile of the tropical collection. The competition is open from Feb 15 to March 31, 2016. Winners will be announced online April 27, 2016. Register by: 03-31-2016 / Submit by: 03-31-2016 View the full article
  16. Dear All, We are launching the 2016 Cities in Asia Summer Programme, and we would like to seek your support in disseminating this information on your website. Should you need to paste in a blurb on your website, please use the following paragraph: This credit-bearing HKU course was established in 2010 to focus on urgent architectural and urban issues confronting Asian cities today. It is an immersive course designed to expose students to daily learning activities including lectures, seminars, studio crits, field work, firm visits, and design reviews. The nature of work ranges from critical reading of texts, individual assignments, to design and research collaborations. Students will get to interact with professors, researchers, critical practices, think tanks and various local stakeholders in the making of Seoul and Shanghai. This programme welcomes all university students and recent graduates with an interest in the Asian city. Deadline for enrolment is April 30, 2016, and the early bird enrolment is March 18, 2016. For more details about eligibility and application, please visit: http://fac.arch.hku.hk/summer/cities-in-asia/. Please do not hesitate to contact the programme secretary Olivia Lai for queries: olilai@hku.hk. Register by: 04-30-2016 / Submit by: 04-30-2016 View the full article
  17. KONSTRUKT is a competitive assembly that endeavours to recognize and honour niche aesthetic design to simple functional innovation, from Student to Architect or Civil engineer. It is their first ever chance in Eastern India to showcase their skills and get accolades from the stalwarts. Register by: 03-16-2016 / Submit by: 03-16-2016 View the full article
  18. The city of Paris is rightfully termed as 'the cultural capital of the world' because of its rich and diverse ethos and character. Paris has been the artistic epicentre of the world since renaissance, inspiring many artists, philosophers, writers and architects to innovate and break the shackles of resistance. The city was home to great revolutionaries like Picasso, Miro, Modigliani, Voltaire and Corbusier. But one of the most tolerant cities of the world was shook by recent terror attacks that sent shockwaves around the world. The most serious problem of the 21st century besides climate change has been terrorism, aggression and wars in the name of religion, political mileage, energy resources and economic factors like money and drugs etc. Millions of people have been brutally murdered and executed all these years, while a significant number are still dying every day to satisfy the whims and fancies of fanatic, radical and greedy leaders and organisations. Attacks and conflicts in Paris, Iraq, Syria, New York, Afghanistan, Mumbai, Ukraine, Madrid, Beirut, Nigeria, Bali etc. have changed and altered the political and cultural landscape in which architects and urbanists operate. The aim of this competition is to design a 'Peace Pavilion' in Paris that would exhibit the virtues of hope and tolerance, translated through the language of art and architecture. The pavilion should be a free standing temporary structure that can host a variety of activities and exhibitions. •The pavilion should stimulate and educate people about the virtues of social and religious harmony. The pavilion should serve as a place for personal reflection, a thinking place, where the visitors can contemplate and introspect. •The competition seeks the inclusion of art, in any form, pure or translated, within the pavilion. The participants are free to create their content and function of the pavilion, which could depict situations or events, showcase the horrors and trauma of people and inspire them to stop the menace of terror and promote peace. •The pavilion should of a temporary or semi-permanent nature that would constructed of durable and easy-to-maintain materials, and shall comply with building codes. The aesthetic quality, materiality, volume and form should add vitality, beauty and a sense of identity to the space, paying respect to the history and contextuality of the surrounding. •The pavilion should become an important landmark and reference point for the inhabitants and visitors of the city, a space that is integrated in the natural environment and that is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of activities in and around the structure. The participants are asked to design a pavilion in the Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, in the area outlined by Avenue Joseph Bouvard and Avenue Charles Risler. Register by: 05-30-2016 / Submit by: 05-31-2016 View the full article
  19. Forefront is a new initiative led by the Urban Design Forum dedicated to cultivating emerging leaders in urban design, development and policy. Beginning in 2016, the Forum will invite 20 individuals under the age of 40 each year to become Forefront Fellows. Forefront Fellows will be invited to participate in dedicated conversations and site visits in New York City around the theme of Urban Experience Design. Fellows will meet monthly, share projects and receive feedback from their peers and established leaders in the field. In addition, Forefront Fellows will enjoy two free years of Forum membership, with benefits such as invitations to exclusive roundtables, tours and dinners in New York City; a monthly bulletin of Fellows’ news and updates; and unparalleled access to our global network of leading urbanists. Our inaugural program, Urban Experience Design, explores how new civic technologies are transforming the management and operations of the public realm. In monthly programs, participants will explore evolving technological advancements that aim to improve urban life. Forefront Fellows will confront questions such as: How can we use technology to create tangible improvements to the experience of the city? How can big data be applied to build a more dynamic, equitable, and resilient city? Can we build a Smart City without adopting top down or proprietary approaches? Register by: 03-10-2016 / Submit by: 03-10-2016 View the full article
  20. Celtcia has announced a three part architectural design competition regarding College Green in Dublin, Ireland. To ensure the best architectural outcomes are achieved Celtcia are offering generous competition to try and find the best result for one of the most important architecture and urban design set pieces in history. This competition is open to the public. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a civic space that we can be proud of as a national civic space,” said Cuffe. “We’ve got to get it right.” Register by: 03-13-2016 / Submit by: 03-17-2016 View the full article
  21. WHY HOME TODAY, HOME TOMORROW? We know people overwhelmingly want to stay living in their homes and communities for as long as possible. But, livability isn’t about aging. It is about comfort, convenience, safety and options throughout one’s life. Yet, people tend to buy or live in homes based on their present-day circumstances. We can start to change that… one home design at a time. To that end, this competition challenges architects, designers and allied professionals to create new standards in housing concepts so people can stay in their home as they travel through various life stages. Help alter the paradigm and re-imagine Home so it changes with a person’s needs, as they evolve in life. That’s what Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow is all about, and why it is so important. THINK DIFFERENTLY, DESIGN DIFFERENTLY. Put aside any knowledge, assumptions, and beliefs of how housing exists today. Think beyond to new models that may not exist and bring creativity and brainstorming to how we can adapt to the same home environment as our needs change over time. Truly universal design is about appealing to the mainstream, not a specific audience segment or community. Read the brief to learn more. WIN! $10,000 First Place Winner $5,000 Second Place Winner $3,000 Third Place Winner If selected as the first place winner, your designs will be incorporated into an actual home in Memphis, TN, as well as being awarded the above cash prize. Your design solution and legacy will live on and a family will benefit from your work. Register by: 04-29-2016 / Submit by: 04-29-2016 View the full article
  22. The Permanent Form /// Everything that is designed and built will eventually be destroyed. By weather, wear, or war, built form eventually returns to its elemental state. Objects made of durable materials may last longer, but will not last forever. What if everything that was built became permanent? How might the process of design change when all objects, once fixed and formed, could never be altered or moved from its location? With finite material and space how must designers adjust to planning for the extreme long-term? How might future generations adapt inconvenient forms from the past to meet contemporary needs and functions? What happens when form becomes permanent? Participants should consider the scenario where objects are not only fixed in form, but also fixed in place. Submissions may be conceptual, technical, and/or artistic. Register by: 02-29-2016 / Submit by: 02-29-2016 View the full article
  23. NewArchitecture's 30 under 30 is our annual ranking of the most influential young people in architecture—for the first time, 100 percent brand new. We are looking for disruptors, innovators, rebels (and, yes, unicorns)—that truly represent the emerging superstars of the architecture industry. Register by: 02-15-2016 / Submit by: 02-15-2016 View the full article
  24. The University of Oregon John Yeon Center for Architecture and the Landscape and Design Week Portland invite proposals to define, design, and bring to life Portland’s proposed “green loop”—a six-mile pedestrian/ bike urban promenade linking the city’s east and west sides. The winner(s) will receive up to $20,000 to further develop and implement schemes. Proposed by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in the Central City 2035 Plan, the loop offers a potentially powerful new means of thinking about and traveling through the city. Connecting the two sides of the Willamette River at the Broadway Bridges and Tilikum Crossing, the loop will link the Pearl District/ Old Town, West End, Cultural District, PSU, South Auditorium, South Waterfront, OMSI, Central Eastside and Lloyd District. It can be a linear path, a series of connected places, or both: one loop, many expressions, designed for and made by Portlanders. Register by: 02-12-2016 / Submit by: 02-29-2016 View the full article
  25. x-tra-ordinary outfit - Design a new workwear collection for Würth-Modyf Würth-Modyf and Desall.com invite you to an extraordinary fashion design contest for the creation of a new workwear collection which is both fashionable and comfortable, able to support the workers in their daily passion. For more info: http://bit.ly/x-tra-ordinary-outfit Timeline Submission phase: 22nd January - 21st April 2016 Community vote: 21st April - 28th April 2016 Client vote: from 28th April 2016 Awards €3000 Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old). Register by: 01-22-2016 / Submit by: 04-21-2016 View the full article
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