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  1.   Martin

    • Mirdif, Dubaj, دبي‎, Spojené arabské emiráty
    • N 25° 13' 13.249''   E 55° 25' 23.555''
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  2.   The Opus

    Set in Dubai's Burj Khalifa district, the Opus is a mirrored glass building occupied by a hotel, offices, serviced apartments and several restaurants. Completed externally in 2019, the ME Dubai at the Opus is the only hotel in the world that can claim to have had both its exterior and interiors designed by the late Zaha Hadid.



    • The Opus, Business Bay, Dubai, 92137, United Arab Emirates
    • N 25° 11' 18.974''   E 55° 16' 0.937''
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  3.   Expo 2020 - Terra

    The structure of the Sustainability Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is now complete. The Sustainability Pavilion names as Terra represents the planet Earth. The pavilion will take visitors on an immersive and emotional journey through the wonders of the natural world and teach them the way to create a better, more sustainable future.

    The pavilion, approximately covers 25,000 sqm, with 6,300 sqm of exhibition area. It has been designed as net-zero energy and net-zero water building, which means the pavilion generates all of its own power and water needs. The pavilion has more than 1,050 solar panels installed, arranged on the 130-metre wide canopy and on the locally-designed energy trees that dot the landscape and rotate to face the sun, like a sunflower.


    • N 24° 57' 32.414''   E 55° 9' 16.261''
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  4.   The Museum of Islamic Arts

    The Museum of Islamic Art is a museum on one end of the seven-kilometer-long Corniche in Doha, Qatar. As per the architect I. M. Pei's specifications, the museum is built on an island off an artificial projecting peninsula near the traditional dhow harbor. A purpose-built park surrounds the edifice on the eastern and southern facades while two bridges connect the southern front facade of the property with the main peninsula that holds the park. The western and northern facades are marked by the harbor showcasing the Qatari seafaring past.


    • Museum of Islamic Art, Al Corniche Street, Doha Port, Doha, 00000, Qatar
    • N 25° 17' 43.576''   E 51° 32' 21.908''
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  5.   The Etihad Museum

    The Etihad Museum is a museum in Dubai that collects, preserves, and displays the heritage of the United Arab Emirates in the areas of social, political, cultural, scientific, and military history.

     It holds everything from old passports to personal artifacts of the rulers of United Arab Emirates.[1] The historic signing of the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates, the raising of the first UAE flag, and the formation of the United Arab Emirates as a country on 2 December 1971 took place within the area that forms the museum today. The museum is designed as a document to signify the signing of the UAE constitution.

    The museum was designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects in the shape of a manuscript, with seven columns built into the museum to resemble the pens used to sign the original declaration.


    • Etihad Museum, Jumeira Street, Maritime City, Dubai, 41318, United Arab Emirates
    • N 25° 14' 29.158''   E 55° 16' 9.591''
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  6.   The Bahrain National Theatre

    The National Theatre of Bahrain is a waterfront building complex situated in Manama next to the Bahrain National Museum, and consists of a main 1001-seat auditorium and a smaller 150-seat flexible studio theatre. Opened on 12 November 2012 and costing $50 million, the theatre encompasses an area of 11,869 square metres (127,760 sq ft) making it the third largest theatre in the Middle East. 


    • National Theatre of Bahrain, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
    • N 26° 14' 33.511''   E 50° 35' 54.92''
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  7.   The Dubai Frame

    The UAE’s latest cultural landmark, Dubai Frame is an iconic structure that ‘frames’ impressive views of Old and New Dubai, while serving as a metaphorical bridge connecting the emirate’s rich past with its magnificent present. Offering spectacular panoramic views across the city, Dubai Frame celebrates the story of Dubai from its early establishment to its ambitious plans for future development. Launched in January 2018, the project comprises a 150-metre-high, 93-meter-wide structure being built to resemble a huge picture frame, through which landmarks representing modern Dubai such as Emirates Towers and Burj Khalifa can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can view older parts of the city such as Deira, Umm Harare and Karama. Exterior design of Dubai Frame was inspired from the logo of EXPO2020. Dubai Frame is world's largest picture frame by Guinness World Records. (Tripadvisor.com)


    • Dubai Frame, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mankhool, Dubai, 41318, United Arab Emirates
    • N 25° 14' 7.688''   E 55° 18' 1.342''
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  8.   The House of Wisdom

    Celebrations in Sharjah – this year’s UNESCO World Book Capital – kicked-off with the unveiling of The Scroll, a new piece of public art by British sculptor Gerry Judah. The opening event also revealed designs for the new House of Wisdom – an iconic library and cultural centre that seeks to be the catalyst for a new cultural quarter in the city.


    • Sharjah, Sharjah, AE
    • N 25° 19' 6.79''   E 55° 30' 20.732''
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  9.   Al-Khalifiyah Library

    The Al- Khalefeyah Library project is situated in the old city centre of Muharraq and is the reconstruction of the original Khalefeyah Library, which was one of the first public libraries to be built in Bahrain. The library will be rebuilt on its original location and is designed by the Dutch firm SeARCH bv in collaboration with the Bahrain- based architects PAD. Since, the original footprint of the library is currently half-occupied by a road extension, the building has been designed on half the existing footprint and stretches vertically over the three levels that cantilever to recall the original footprint of the building. The building will accommodate a reading area, a research center, an inet lab as well as offices and will be open to the public, and provide a public and cultural program targeted at the youth in the heart of Muharraq.


    • Muharraq, Muharraq Governorate, BH
    • N 26° 15' 7.117''   E 50° 36' 46.897''
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  10.   Louvre Abu Dhabi

    The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The museum was established on 8 November 2017. It is part of a thirty-year agreement between the city of Abu Dhabi and the French government. The museum is located on the Saadiyat Island Cultural District. 


    • Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE
    • N 24° 32' 0.427''   E 54° 23' 55.168''
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  11.   The Buhais Geology Park

    British architectural firm Hopkins Architects has completed the Buhais Geology Park Interpretative Centre, a new research and education facility highlighting the “prehistoric and geological significance” of the former seabed known as al-Madam Plain, located southeast of the UAE city of Sharjah.


    • N 25° 1' 17.223''   E 55° 48' 8.816''
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  12.   The Museum of the Future

    The Museum of the Future is a visionary cultural institution currently under construction in Dubai, UAE.


    • Dubai, Dubai, AE
    • N 25° 13' 9.659''   E 55° 16' 55.264''
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