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Found 1 result

  1. The Architectural Events Calendar is a powerful tool designed to manage the collection and distribution of architectural events worldwide amongst all registered members. It is precise in terms on focusing on particular world communities as well as advanced in terms of the notification of new events. In the following lines I will introduce to you its basic functions as well as some advanced tips and tricks. The main page of the Calendar is fairly simple, yet it already offers some interesting functions: Browsing the various months' events as well as calendars dedicated to particular countries Adding calendar events by clicking on the Add Event button Following the Calendar - by clicking on this button you can set the way you wish to be notified on news in the particular Calendar. In case you live in The Czech Republic, by choosing the Czech Republic calendar and clicking on Follow this calendar, you will start being notified on all events being submitted into the calendar. There are several ways of how to be notified on the Calendar events, for the detail settings please go to your profile (Clicking on your name on the black top bar) Your Name > My settings > Notification Options > Events You can also synchronize the calendar with your desktop application such as MS Outlook by clicking the subscibe to this Calendar button at the bottom of the page. All the new events will be automatically saved into a new Outlook calendar and can be further synchronized to your mobile devices. After creating your event or when browsing events of other members you can note several interesting options You can confirm your attendance on the events. This becomes extremely useful when your presence may affect other attendees of the event, such as your friends, colleagues etc. You can comment on the event and fine tune details of the event with other members in a discussion under the event listing. You can further share the event to all major social network. By sharing the event to networks like Facebook or Google+ you may bring it to attention to your friends who may also be interested in joining the event. You can Rate as well as Like the event to provide additional feedback on the event. Liking the event increases the overall reputation of the Event poster which is being recorded in his/her personal profile. The Events can be Followed the same was the Calendar can be. By clicking the Follow this Event button you can choose the ways you should be notified on any changes to it. We believe the Calendar application can become a very useful and powerful tool to all architects and architecture enthusiasts worldwide. Please feel free to use it freely and notify us about the excited upcoming events you are organizing or recommending to others.
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