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Competition / Project of the Year 2020 / Architecture of Israel + The European Union

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Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, researchers and students are invited to submit works planned or written since 2015 onwards. PowerPoint presentations, not exceeding 5mb, should include a short explanatory text describing the project, its location, purpose, its uniqueness and date of accomplishment.. Run by Architecture of Israel and The European Union, the competition is international and organized in six categories: Buildings, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Conceptual Plans, Students and Research. Special credit will be given for creativity, feasibility, climate and environmental awareness.    Projects reaching the final stage will be published in a special issue of Architecture of Israel.   Final Stage Chair: Professor Winka Dubbeldam, Partner of Architecture-Tectonics and Chair of the Department of Architecture, Stuart Weitzman School of Design University of Pennsylvania - www.archi-tectonics.com www.aiq.co.il +972-9-955-1500

Register by: 02-29-2020 / Submit by: 02-29-2020

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