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Welcome to the online international community of architects, architecture enthusiasts and fans.

At the time of its founding by a Czech architecture student, Martin Sviták, in 2001, the mission of Ideon.cz was to provide a missing platform for architects and architecture students worldwide to share and benefit from the sharing their unique architectural experiences - a platform without editors where all users were equal and where everyone could equally benefit from participating on the project.

Growing from this definition, Ideon has now become a true live environment, changing and growing from minute to minute as members from all over the world have been sculpting it dynamically in real time. If architecture is your passion, please feel free to join our online community as there is much that can be shared.

The complexity of the profession of an architect is covered by several dynamic modules and all of them can be interacted with freely by registered members:

  • Forums - Starting topics, replying to existing ones, advance notification options, quoting, voting, tagging, searching, media attachments.
  • Groups - Creation and moderation of your own group regarding your particular topic, niche, sub-community, joining other's groups.
  • Private Messages - Private conversations with your contacts including conference messaging with several members at the same time.
  • - Uploading of copyrighted photographs of buildings from all over the world, creation of your own albums, presention your own projects, voting, commenting, exposition to general public
  • Blogs - Blogging about any architecture-related topics, commenting, rating, sharing.
  • Chat - Chat live with your friends and other members
  • - Post upcoming events you think other members should know about
  • Members - Search through our members' list to learn more about people with similar origins or interests
  • - Share your location on the world map and locate new friends and partners
  • Personal Profile - Fill in all data you wish others know about you, add your website, say something about yourself
  • Vacancies - Updated channel of worldwide architecture-related vacancies.
  • Facebook - Log in with Facebook and share on Facebook any of your favourite content on Ideon.cz

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon,

On behalf of Ideon.cz,

Martin Sviták

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